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Did you know?
In 1995 there were 24 million people on the internet - in the us and
canada alone.
By 1997 this number had grown to 50.6 million.
some of the latest numbers show the total at about 182.67 million,
in us and canada!
the world-wide total is at 605.60 million people using the internet.

In 2002 there were 358.6 million purchases over the internet, that is
about 37% more then in 2001.
It is estimated that in 2007 online sales will be $218 billion us
dollars a year.

You can see a website is a valuable asset.
it allows you to communicate, share ideas and sell items.
Whether you use your site for personal or business,
ScootersWeb-Design will provide the skills to
create your site at a cost you can afford.

You might have a website that needs managing, or a "face-lift".
ScootersWeb-Design can help
to manage, update, customize and provide graphics for your site.

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